The business incubator is a modern support system, intended for start-up entrepreneurs, and provides the possibility of renting business premises at subsidized prices and a number of accompanying services, such as: advice on starting a business, mediation in financing, assistance in developing products and services, bookkeeping and tax consulting, education of start-up entrepreneurs, legal advice and other intellectual and professional services.

The target group consists of: Start-up entrepreneurs, but also existing entrepreneurs, investors, traveling professionals, guests, employees of educational institutions and other partner organizations working on the development of entrepreneurship, students and high school seniors.

The business incubator occupies an area of ​​approximately 1500 m2. It has 4 production halls with its own office and bathroom, 12 office rooms of 18 m2 and one of 37 m2; all equipped with office and computer equipment.

The Incubator also has a conference hall of 76 m2 and an educational hall of 55 m2. The halls are equipped with modern presentation and IT equipment. Halls will be rented on a daily basis and are intended to be used by both incubator tenants and external users, who do not live in the incubator but have the occasional need for product and service presentations or meetings with their business partners or investors.

Considering that the Business Incubator is located within the economic zone and that there are over 30 construction plots available next to the incubator itself, on which entrepreneurs who successfully pass the incubation phase, ie housing in the incubator, will be able to build their own space here with some other incentives. measures. In this way, the problem of lack of capacity for incubation of newly established companies in the area of ​​the city of Požega will be solved in the long run.

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